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Patenting Innovation Is National Power As the Center for Strategic and International Studies notes, innovation in an important factor in a nation maintaining global power. Patents secure the rights for companies and national economies to generate GDP by producing products that other countries will buy and import. So, patents are critical to securing income from innovation. However, patenting strategy, whether on the national or corporate level is also critical to directing resources efficiently and effectively. You can’t have a patenting strategy if you don’t analyze the landscape. China’s activity in global patenting is booming. Although it does not necessarily represent a drastic increase in novel innovation, it does signal desire to compete. Some have been very critical of the value of China’s Patenting… Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) CNIPA National Patent Development Strategy explicitly equates patent generation with innovation and calls for government incentives to bolster the number…

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This paper is written by my professor at the NCHU and I have prepared a PPT presentation and literature review. This paper was published in the journal Nature Biology which is the number one top ranked journal in the category of biology. This paper outlines a proposed method for calculating value of patents in the pharmaceutical industry. The method uses a stochastic Monte-Carlo simulation strategy to account for the uncertainty of life-cycle phase particular to the pharmaceutical industry. In reality, experts are needed to adjust the three main variables of reversion rate, volatility, and drift rate according to the specific conditions of the patent in question. This model of valuation could be useful in patent licensing and sales negotiations. If you have any further questions, please email me: LINK TO THE PPT:

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