About Me

My career in computer IT has been diverse and passionate.  In my early days (late 80’s) I learned about character encoding, boot processes, and memory allocation when my parents got me my first computer; an IBM PS/2. In high school I spent several years assembling and selling personal computers, eventually attending the University of Guelph to study Computer and Systems Engineering, and University of Saskatchewan to study Anthropology (with some attention to the culture of technology and its impact on society).

I love data and software, but I’m most passionate about IT security (OS/Server hardening, encryption, threat intelligence and detection, penetration testing, orchestration, XDR, and the list goes on).  This passion in IT security has lead to becoming a certified IT security professional with certs from CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Pentest+ and IBM.  I’m currently in the process of developing study guides for Security+ SY0-501, with a video series course and Pentest+ PT0-001 & PT0-002.

I studied my MBA at National Chung-Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan in the area of patent information management for technology and market forecasting.  This gives me some knowledge and insight into the fast-changing high-tech industry and its various business sectors. My company provides IT consulting, managed IT services such as data and reporting, secure hosting, web-development, vulnerability scanning, and more, and operates an online school for ESL learners called ELAAN, which gives me experience in marketing and client relationships, HR, and working with amazing people to accomplish big tasks with limited resources!