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Bitcoin Wallet Plugin

Integrate Bitcoin wallets into web-apps, browser-pluins, or native OSX/iOS, Linux/Android or Windows.

Bitcoin Tip-bot

Does your website have power users that make it better by providing professional level presence? Why not allow them to get paid for their contributions? Tipbots are a mature concept applied to a growing area of online communication.

This automated tipbot script allows users of your forum to send cryto-currency payments to each other. Build in object-oriented python, the script tracks and parses all forum messages for payment commands and tracks user balances. The bot also maintains user deposits and withdrawls to and from bitcoin addresses.

Easy Inline Transactions for Bitcoin

If your website would like to offer fast and easy Bitcoin payments between users, then this software package is for you. Transacting Bitcoins is as easy as including a simple text command in user posts or messages.

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