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What Is An Axial Flux Motor And Why Is It Better?

Picture of an axial flux motor

What is an Axial Flux Motor?   To skip to the patent data click here. An axial flux motor is an electromagnet based motor technology that uses pulses of electromagnetic charge to create a rotating force .  Axial flux motors are great because they avoid the use of a drive-train altogether. The problem with a drive-train is that it includes a drive-shaft, crankshaft, propeller shaft, and transmission (gearbox).  These components connect together and when working use the kinetic pressure between themselves to transfer power as torque.  However, the connections cause friction and  this friction between components results in a loss of energy.  If you look at the image of the gearbox below, you can see how complex and exact the contact surfaces are, but there is still energy loss at each of those contact points.       A traditional automotive drive-train is inefficient due to the transfer of kinetic…

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