3D Printing

3D Printing Solutions for COVID-19

A serious potential drawback of the just-in-time economy (JIT) is that when the demand for critical supplies increase sharply, that supply is not immediately available, which in the current corporate cluster-fuck known as COVID-19 leaves our front-line health care staff with a broomstick jammed so far up their arse that you can follow them around like Hansel and Grettel from the ass blood they are hemorrhaging down onto the floor they walk on. Personal protective equipment (PEE) is critical to public health-care staff and sadly many of these hero’s lives have already been lost during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis due to supply chain short comings. In some ways, 3D printing has proven itself to be more agile during this crisis.  For one, the 3D printer allows production of a wider array of products than any other single device.  For example, during the COVID-19 outbreak, 3D printing companies were immediately able…

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