USPTO Data Services

Patent Data Systems

Patent data from the USPTO data can help an organization gain contextual insight and unlock value of R&D efforts, evaluate the competitive landscape, and forecast disruptive innovative technologies. Syspect CyberSecurity Consulting offers SaaS USPTO database access available via PostgreSQL and MySQL database platforms, complete with secure SSL connection and total data privacy.

Syspect patent dataset includes the full USPTO dataset, which includes patent coverage from 1976 for granted patents and 2001 for patent applications, as well as current Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) data, CPC, International, and US classification systems, disambiguated assignee data, and patent metrics such as forward and backward citations, and TCT, patent family size and more. Additional analytic metrics can be added to the database to suit your needs.

The database can be built with bibliographic (front-page) data or full-text data for natural language processing abstracts, descriptions, and claims.  USPTO bulk-data has been verified with 99.9%  accuracy. USPTO API products and European Patent Office (EPO) Open Patent Service (OPS), and can be integrated to meet your patent search needs.

Are you interested seeing the global technology landscape?

Try Syspect CyberSecurity Consulting’s Patent Profile System.  You can visualize patent portfolio data from companies and countries to compare their relative technological and innovative strength.  This is just the beginning of Syspect CyberSecurity Consulting’s data visualization systems that aim to provide greater insight in to technology and global innovation.  Try the Patent Profile System.

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Do you want to assess the value of an individual patent?

Determining a patent’s true value depends on many things.  Fundamentally, the financial value of the patent is determined by the market value of the underlying technology it protects, the licence fees its owner can obtain, or its resale value.  This information is private and proprietary, so researchers have done extensive research on patent indicators for outsiders to gain insight about a particular patent or group of patents.  Syspect CyberSecurity Consulting’s Patent Value System  displays the most important patent indicators for a patent, ranked against other patents at various classification depths, and displays the comprehensive details.  Try it out Syspect’s single patent assessment app!